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Tools For Electrical


Hi everyone this is a website for electricians made by an electrician. We spend a good amount of hard earned money on tools for our job. Tools can be a big expense, I’ll be it a necessary one. Here I will be reviewing common tools we use on an everyday basis.

My goal is one, to help you make an informed purchase so that you can save money, two, hopefully show new tools to you that may help you do your job easier and three, provide ideas for accomplishing common tasks that you may come across on the job.

What Was I Thinking

I remember buying the Klein tool 632 Drive-A-Matic cushion grip nut driver. I thought the concept was a fantastic idea. An all in one nut driver for different sized nuts. And it’s made by Klein, the trusted name in electrical tools. This is great. I can retire my 3/8″, 5/16″ and 1/4″ nut drivers and just use this one tool. Boy was I wrong. It doesn’t grip the nut well at all. It turned out to be a total waste of money. I spent close to $30.00 on the tool.


Where Were You 10 Years Ago

Now, there are tools that are not widely known about but are extremely useful. Maybe where you’re from they are known but different parts of the country may have not yet seen them. I want to share information about tools that will help us do our jobs more efficiently. One example is the Set-it-fast Wedge anchor setting tool. I am seeing it on more jobsites now but it wasn’t widely used before. This thing saves time and stress on an electrician’s body. It can be awkward at the top of a 12′ ladder, your roto hammer precariously balanced on the top step while you are using a hammer to pound a wedge anchor into the ceiling. For numerous reasons we should try to avoid situations like this. I understand that sometimes we just have to get it in but if you are installing a hundred of these anchors then work smarter not harder. My goal is that this website will become your stop for information on what tools will help you get it done.


Do It Fast And Do It Safe

There are many time saving and body saving methods. I want to share them among electricians. We can preserve our bodies for a pain free retirement. I’ve seen too many broken down electricians. The trade can be brutal. An example of these tips are to always try to do what you can for an installation on the floor as opposed to doing it on the top of a ladder. This can save time and stress. These types of methods can help you achieve a safe long lasting career and pain free retirement. Not to mention we make our livelihood with are bodies so we need to keep those money makers in tip top shape.

The faster and more efficient that we are, the more money the contractor makes.

Well hold on a minute!

You might be thinking, “I thought this website was for us to save money, not the company”. It is, but lets face it, if we help the contractor we work for make more money he can more effectively compete for jobs which means a steady paycheck for us and that translates to more money!

Hopefully you are lucky enough to work for a contractor who provides most of the big ticket items. Like drills, portable band saws, and hydraulic punches. If so consider yourself fortunate and take care of those tools like they are your own.


If you are in business for yourself (My hat’s off to you, I admire your entrepreneurial spirit). I know how much work is involved running a business and I know you too can benefit from this website as well.

Please leave comments, tips and advice or just say hi.