Klein Screwdriver Set

Here is a 4 piece screwdriver set, that will fit the need of most professional electricians. It has several of the screwdrivers that electricians use on a daily basis. First off, they are Klein cushion grip screwdrivers which mean they feel comfortable in your hand and have handles perfectly sized for increased torque. The set includes a Klein ¼” Key-stone tip screwdriver with 4″… Read More »

Channellock Plier Sets

On more and more jobs the specs call for compression fittings. I guess the argument that compression fittings provide greater longevity for electrical continuity over set screw fittings is winning more and more popularity. As a result every electrician needs a pair of adjustable pliers for tightening compression fittings. Channellock plier sets are a must have in any electrician’s toolbox. I have used Channellock adjustable pliers… Read More »

Carhartt Duck Bib/Overall (Unlined)

I just don’t feel right unless I have my Carhartt overalls on when I am on the jobsite. They’re great for keeping you relatively clean, offer protection for your knees, and provide plenty of strong pockets for tools. They’re really popular on jobsites and its no wonder why, they’re durable and tough. My overalls will probably last me about 18 months. I am pretty… Read More »

Klein Side Cutters HD213-9NE

These Klein side cutters are the heavy duty version of Klein’s basic side cutting pliers. These are the same as the lower cost version D213-9NE except these have heavy duty, oversized, plastic dipped handles. Comparing both pairs of  pliers at Home Depot reveals the difference is only a few dollars, in effect you will be paying $3.25 more for the plastic dip. Home… Read More »

Best Brand Hand Tools For Electricians

Making my livelihood as an electrician requires that I make an initial upfront investment into my tools. It is important for me to know what are the best brand of  hand tools for electricians. Money wasted on poor quality tools can add up to significant amounts over the course of a career. The Klein brand is one of  the… Read More »

Klein Side Cutters D213-9NE, The Base Model

These are probably the cheapest Klein side cutting pliers that you can get. They are comfortable in the hand and durable. The Klein side cutting pliers are essential to an electrician. They become an extension of the electrician’s arm and are used throughout the day. I have used the Klein D213-9NE, 9 inch high-leverage side cutting pliers before… Read More »

Best Cordless Drill Ratings, for Electricians

As an electrician, a cordless drill is a tool I use everyday and I know there are certain things you should look for when selecting a cordless drill. Personally, I like small, light weight drills that won’t put to much fatigue in my shoulders when I am drilling above my head for long periods of time (like when I am screwing can… Read More »

Tools For Electrical

Hi everyone this is a website for electricians made by an electrician. We spend a good amount of hard earned money on tools for our job. Tools can be a big expense, I’ll be it a necessary one. Here I will be reviewing common tools we use on an everyday basis. My goal is one, to help you make an informed… Read More »