Carhartt Duck Bib/Overall (Unlined)

By | May 29, 2015


I just don’t feel right unless I have my Carhartt overalls on when I am on the jobsite.

They’re great for keeping you relatively clean, offer protection for your knees, and provide plenty of strong pockets for tools. They’re really popular on jobsites and its no wonder why, they’re durable and tough.

My overalls will probably last me about 18 months. I am pretty hard on them.

The double knees accommodate knee pads and that is a huge selling point for me. I’m planning on putting 30 years into this trade and I need to protect my knees. If I’m doing trim and installing receptacles I find it is faster to drop to a knee and install the receptacle as opposed to carrying around a bucket and sitting on it.

Use knee pads your knees will thank you when you’re older.

I always have my pocket tool caddy, in my back right pocket. In this tool caddy I have a flat head, a Phillips, and a pair of diagonal cutters. The reinforced back pockets have never ripped on any pair of Carhartt overalls that I have ever owned.

It is reassuring to know that the contaminants I am exposed to on the jobsite stay at the jobsite. I ensure this happens by  leaving my overalls at work. When I walk in through the front door at the end of the day and am greeted by my 4 year old I don’t worry about her getting fiber glass, Monokote, or any other dangerous chemical on her when she is hugging my legs.

If you don’t wear overalls on the jobsite you might want to reconsider.

And if you do reconsider, try Carhartt I think you’ll be satisfied. You can get them here at Amazon.

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Thanks for reading, be safe.



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