Channellock Plier Sets

By | May 29, 2015


On more and more jobs the specs call for compression fittings. I guess the argument that compression fittings provide greater longevity for electrical continuity over set screw fittings is winning more and more popularity. As a result every electrician needs a pair of adjustable pliers for tightening compression fittings.

Channellock plier sets are a must have in any electrician’s toolbox. I have used Channellock adjustable pliers for most of the time that I’ve been an electrician and they are truly a sturdy and durable tool.

Even though compression fittings are a real pain to install, I am starting to agree that they provide superior electrical continuity.

I use my Channellocks for a variety of task. Sometimes I have to cut a bolt down to length and my Channies keep my fingers from getting to close to the band saw blade.

I highly recommend that at the very least you have a pair of 440’s in your tool box.

Use a couple of 480’s if you are doing 2½” conduit, anything bigger than that and I recommend strap wrenches or a chain wrench.

Overall, a Channellock plier set is a sound investment for any electrician. You can get a nice set right here at Amazon.

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