Clothes For Electricians


The overalls I wear on the job make me more efficient. My overalls have a place for knee pads, pouches for material and tools, and pockets for pens, sharpies and  notebooks.

The clothes that electricians wear can offer protection, help with the job, and increase safety.

Carhartt makes great work clothes for electricians. It is nice being able to leave all the contaminants that I’m exposed to on the jobsite at the jobsite. That’s why I wear overalls at work and leave them at work at the end of the day.

I’m also a big fan of orange T-shirts. I recently bought a few packs of them for work. They promote your safety by increasing your visibility. Some contractors provide shirts for their employees and many are opting for bright orange.


The clothes you wear to work everyday can increase your productivity and safety. This is just something you might think about when deciding what to buy.

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