Klein Screwdriver Set

By | May 30, 2015

Here is a 4 piece screwdriver set, that will fit the need of most professional electricians. It has several of the screwdrivers that electricians use on a daily basis.

First off, they are Klein cushion grip screwdrivers which mean they feel comfortable in your hand and have handles perfectly sized for increased torque.


The set includes a Klein ¼” Key-stone tip screwdriver with 4″ Heavy Duty square shank. I have this screwdriver on me at all times. I frequently use it to open knock outs on four square boxes. It takes a real beating on the jobsite and holds up.

In the electrical trade the majority of fasteners are Phillips head but I still find enough applications for this screwdriver on the jobsite that justifies me carrying it all day.


Also included in this set is the Klein 3/16″ Cabinet tip screwdriver with 6″ round shank. This screwdriver is a must for doing trim work. The long round shaft allows you to spin the tool quickly when installing receptacle and switch faceplates.


Next in the line up is the Klein 5/16″ Key-stone tip screwdriver with a 6″ square shank. This is a large heavy duty screwdriver that will be used often enough to warrant it’s permanent position in an electricians toolbox. I use this screw driver when installing large toggle bolts to hang electrical panels and other large enclosures. I also find that I use it on some panel covers.


And finally, this set comes with the Klein #2 Phillips screwdriver with a 4″ shank. This screwdriver is another that I have on me at all times. Most devices (ie. plugs and switches) have screws that require this tool. You will also need this for putting rings on 4 square and 4 eleven junction boxes.

Electricians frequently use each screwdriver that comes in this great Klein set. I recommend this set for the professional electrician. Available here from Amazon.

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