Klein Side Cutters D213-9NE, The Base Model

By | May 23, 2015


These are probably the cheapest Klein side cutting pliers that you can get. They are comfortable in the hand and durable.

The Klein side cutting pliers are essential to an electrician. They become an extension of the electrician’s arm and are used throughout the day. I have used the Klein D213-9NE, 9 inch high-leverage side cutting pliers before and was not disappointed.

The tool has a high leverage design that allows me to cut 12/3, m/c cable with relative ease. If I have to cut 12/4 I don’t want to use these, for that task I use my Greenlee loppers.

At one point my Kleins were getting a little rusty around the rivet and I began having to use two hands to open them. A little WD-40 and continually opening and closing them for about five minutes got them back into fighting condition.

I have gone through a few pairs of side cutters in the past 10 years and the pair I have now are going on their fourth year of continual daily use.

I usually have to rid myself of a pair of Kleins because I’ve cut into a live circuit and I blow a hole in them or I foolishly cut a hardened screw and end up nicking the cutting blade. At an average cost of $30 a pair I try hard not to make those mistakes anymore.

I use the tool daily to cut; m/c, ceiling wires, tie wire, and conductors, pull out KO slugs and to twist wires when I’m splicing boxes. I also use them to beat compression fittings onto the ends of EMT.

They have these at Home Depot for $29.37 and they will ship them for free to a store near you. You can also buy them from Amazon and have them delivered to your door for $26.65 plus $3.61 for shipping, right here.

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Klein makes quality tools in the United States. You will not be disappointed with this tool. If you take care of them they could even last your whole career.

Remember the plastic coating on the handles do not protect you from electric shock.

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