Klein Side Cutters HD213-9NE

By | May 27, 2015

hd213-9neThese Klein side cutters are the heavy duty version of Klein’s basic side cutting pliers. These are the same as the lower cost version D213-9NE except these have heavy duty, oversized, plastic dipped handles.

Comparing both pairs of  pliers at Home Depot reveals the difference is only a few dollars, in effect you will be paying $3.25 more for the plastic dip. Home Depot has them listed at $32.62 + $6.49 for shipping for a total of $39.11

On Amazon this model of Kleins is $37.75 and that includes shipping.

The best money saver is too buy them from Home Depot and have them shipped for free to a Home Depot store near you. But if you want them now shipped to your house this is the Best Deal.

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Hey every little bit of money saved adds up. Hopefully you are working over time galore and are making a pretty penny. If you don’t have time to make it to the hardware store you can always come here.

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