You need someplace to store all the tools of your trade and that means you need a toolbox or tool bag. I see that the preference of electricians varies widely. I use a Homak 24″ hand carry industrial steel toolbox. Once my toolbox is loaded with all my tools it can be a struggle to lift it out of a gang box but I like it because it is big, and has a clasp for a lock. I have to admit, it is really heavy and carrying it from job to job can become a challenge.

I see a lot of guys opt for tool bags that have wheels and an extendable handle so they can roll there tools from place to place. That can be a real back saver. Especially for the more senior electricians.

An electrician’s toolbox should be a minimum 20″ by 8 ½” by 9 ½”. Like I said mine is bigger than that  because over the years I have found tools that make my job easier. Whether they are more ergonomic or just didn’t exist when I first started they now have a place in my toolbox. Tools evolve over time and new ones come out that make our job easier. I fully support the idea of saving your body, so if there is a new tool that can take some of the daily stress off of your body, I advocate adding it to your repertoire. If we are going to invest 30 years into the electrical construction industry I feel we should be able to enjoy our later years as pain free as possible. The right tools can help accomplish that.


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