Wiss Bulldog Aviation Snips, Cuts Thick Steel

By | May 28, 2015


Commercial electricians require a good pair of airplane shears. Wiss is a well known brand that makes quality tools used by many electricians. The Bulldog model is one of the best.

These snips cut 16 gauge steel. That is pretty thick. When I am on the job I often find myself needing to cut steel studs or other sheet metal. I chose too purchase these snips because of the thickness of steel that these will cut. I’ve even cut fender washers with these.

Another great thing about these snips is the straight cut they make. They won’t turn sideways (spread the blades) under a tough cut. That is super frustrating when you’re trying to cut something.

You can use these to cut studs, slider brackets (TSGB’s), and backing.

I only wish the cutting blades were a little longer. They’re a little too short for my preference.

These snips are tough and durable. I’ve had mine for about 3 years now and they seem to be no worse for the ware. Grant it, I don’t use these every single day but I won’t be without them on the jobsite.

Overall these are in my opinion the best airplane shears an electrician can have in his toolbox. You can get them at Amazon here.

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